"Saint of the Sea" Baumgardner Dragon

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"Saint of the Sea" Baumgardner Dragon

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Product Information

'Saint of the Sea' Baumgardner Dragon

The Baumgardner Dragon is a tribute to Stacey Baumgardner, an inspirational artist and beloved family member who unexpedly passed away. 

Physical to digital Blockchain redemption via QR Code!  Worldwide shipping available.

This card is available as a physical collectible trading card only from our store. 

Please NOTE: Must have the Ether Legends App to redeem QR code. Download now

Card Details
Type: Tribute
Number: 001
Minted Maximum: 500
Gen: 0
Type: Physical (Reedeemable Digitally)
Heart: 10
Attack: 2
Defense: 3
Healing: 6
Disrupt: 2
Ability Strength: Healing

Two (2) Elementeum are required for the power up, reducing the intervals in which the special ability can be used. Similar to the Uncommon, Rare and Epic cards, the Tribute cards have one strength ability. In this case, healing is the greatest strength of the Baungardner Dragon. This card has slightly fewer hit points than other cards and is well rounded in other attributes, making it a fierce contender and a must have healer in the arena!

Product CodeTC001

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