Limited Set - Enjin Backed

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Limited Set - Enjin Backed

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Ether Legends Pre-Release Enjin-Backed Mini Set

10 Ether Legends Playable Character Card NFT's of various rarity and Enjin Coin backing
Sale price  starts at $500 For 3 days ONLY, then  increases to $750 on March 17th,  then increases to $900 on March 23rd  through the end of the sale. Please take note!

Get your limited edition, playable collectibles TODAY!
In preparation for the Initial Beta release (submitting to the app store by 3/15!), We are releasing a mini set of Enjin-backed NFT/FT assets that will be ONLY available through this offer. A maximum of 60 sets will be produced. Based on ETH fees to transfer, we have decided to reduce the quantity available. If we do not sell out of the mini sets, then only what is sold, is what will be produced. All sets will start being delivered by March 26th, until completed. We will need time to finish minting and filling orders (digital NFT's only, will be delivered to your wallet address on file). First come, first serve. 

All characters are playable in the Ether Legends Blockchain Trading Card Game. Unfortunately, we will not be offering one-off cards and these will be sold as a set only. Right out of the gate, these 10 assets are backed by 176 ENJ Coin in total. For clarification purposes, understand the intent of the time and resources to create these NFT's is not to encourage "melting" which is a function the Enjin ecosystem supports. This function decouples the Enjin Coin from the NFT, while destroying the NFT forever. The melt fee to destroy the NFT's is 50%. For more information, please refer to Enjin's blog for how the melting mechanism works. 

Contents Include the following NFT's;

Dirk and Ipslip
Gulp and Beheadress

Please reference the picture for what will be received as part of this 10 card set. A portion of these sales will be allocated to the first Beta Season Rewards Pool, giving right back to the community! 


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