Physical Card Pack

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Physical Card Pack

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Ether Legends
Physical Card Packs - Standard (10% Chance QR Codes)

Each pack contains two (2) randomly selected character cards of random rarity from the men and beast set (and more): common (50% drop), rare (30%), epic (15%), and legendary (5%). Each pack is sealed and distributed to packs via rarity algorithm. Each card is part of the special physical card run (Gen 0) with cold foil, gold accents - never to be printed again. 

Contents can include any of the 39 Men and Beasts set cards

1 out of 10 cards will have a QR code, enabling players to take their physical cards, ONLINE!
QR codes can be redeemed to connect your asset to the blockchain and are also playable in the digital Ether Legends game!


  • 10% chance for a Men and Beasts card containing a QR code for digital redemption of Common, Rare, Epic and an occasional Legendary in rarity.
  • Bots and Bolts Special Edition or even a Borgle (very limited) can also be obtained without a digital QR code only

Choose to optionally add protection for your trading cards; Soft Sleeves and/or Top Loaders

Card pack packaging will differ in appearance from the example provided


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