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Koallaki! The 4th Tribute Card (Gen 0)

Experience the dynamic abilities of the Koala Beast Tribute. Available digital only, currently. This tribute is in support for the over one billion animals that perished during the wildfires in Australia. As a token of our dedication to support many causes, we will be donating $2.00 of every purchase to the World Wildlife Foundation to help rebuild the animal population in the recent devistation caused by wildfires in Autralia during the devistating wildfires of 2019 and finally put out in 2020. 

This card is available as a digital collectible trading card only from our store.

Card Details
Type: Tribute
Number: 004
Minted Maximum: 100
Gen: 0
Type: Physical (Reedeemable Digitally)
Heart: 12
Attack: 4
Defense: 2
Healing: 5
Disrupt: 1
Ability Strength: Healing

Two (2) Elementeum are required for the power up, reducing the intervals in which the special ability can be used. Similar to the Uncommon, Rare and Epic cards, the Tribute cards have one strength ability. In this case, healing is the greatest strength of Koallaki. 

Product CodeKoala004
Stock Level31

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