Creator's Amulet of Elementeum

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Creator's Amulet of Elementeum

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Product Information

Creator's Amulet of Elementeum (MFT)

1,500 Digital Elementeum Gaming Token will also be distributed with the purchase of eachAmulet of Elementeum.

Limit to quantity 10 per wallet address, per order maximum. Any orders beyond quantity 10 will be refunded and the order beyond the 10 will NOT be fulfilled once reconciled. 

Availability: August 8th — September 7th (30 days)
Item(s) will be delivered some time after the conclusion of the sale once the team can reconscile all orders! Please be patient!
(Token ID is distributed based on receipt of order, starting with lowest ID for the first ordered)

Hold Benefit: Claim one random set character card (current and future); once every 30 days

Additional Benefit: Every 1,000 Elementeum held, the rewards claim cooldown is reduced by 1 day until reduced to maximum benefit of 3 days (limit).

Total available: 500

Additional Benefit of the Title ‘Elemental Master’
Criteria: Must own all 5 Amulets (Creator’s Tokens)
Hold Benefit: Claim one unique, special edition, Legendary character card available ONLY to the Elemental Master (capped based on complete sets of Amulets sold and snap shot in time of current owners — TBD)

Note: Rewards are subject to change slightly based on implementation variances. The Amulet rewards will be implemented to the maximum extent possible.

Product CodeAMOFELET
Stock Level316

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