Claw of Randore

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Claw of Randore

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Claw of Randore

The Claw of Randore is a special release ERC1155 item used in the Ether Legends Forging mechanic. Items are used in the first forging tier, can be fused to other items including gems and then forged to characters increasing their abilities, shown visually in the creation of a new character NFT. The Claw of Randore can only accept a legendary gem. Either the Flawless Emerald or Flawless Prism, both legendary in rarity, increasing defense by +4. This item will be offerred on a limited basis ahead of our release of the Forging mechanic. 

Item Details
Type: Item, Necklace
Rarity: Uncommon
Minted Maximum: 100 Capped/Fixed
Gen: ERC1155
ENJ: 1
Release: Digital Only
Use: Forging
Ability: Forging Path/Gem Dependent (+4 Defense)

Product CodeFLA9DHNC9
Stock Level39

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