The Power of Elementeum Olaf

Those who hold Elementeum, hold the power! Elementeum is an game currency (ERC-20 Token) embedded into the Ether Legends Blockchain gaming ecosystem and can be obtained from several exchanges listed below. Harness the power! Use Elementeum to forge your own unique digital crypto-collectibles. Ether Legends crypto-collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFT's) that can be equipped to your SkyBox avatar, character trading cards and can be bought, sold or traded in the OpenSea NFT Marketplace.
​In game, Elementeum represents a player's power up capacity combined with ethereal power that can unleash a character's greatest strength and special ability!

The Arena Awaits...Scruff

Do you have what it takes? Champion's from all over ascend to the arena to battle opponents in the quest for ethereal power and fortune. Ethereal power is obtained by defeating an opponent and enables a player's talents and special abilities. Ethereal power represents a players earned experience and can be applied to any one or all of your chosen champions. Test your might, obtain Elementeum and forge the most Legendary of loot. Collectibles, rewards and loot come in a variety of rarity. Common loot is represented by a silver border. Rare, is represented by a blue border, while Epic, is accompanied by greater power and a purple border. Legendary are the most powerful and rare of all, representing borders with a gold color. Any of these collectibles can be combined with other items called "Forging" that grant a player the chance for something spectacular. 

Drop rates from random Men and Beasts card set contract (digital): Legendary 5%, Epic 15%, Rare 30% and Common 50%

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